17 octobre 2010

A l'occasion de la Journée Mondiale de la Misère, les gars ont fait trotter leur guiboles pour arriver de FMR au Capitole. Merci les sportifs


Artist – Song title – Album title

Vitamin X - Bad trip - Bad trip
Battery - - In Our Hands - Discography
Cruel hand - Dead Weight - Prying Eyes
ISHC- Harry Potters HC
Linha de frente - Alerta
Nueva Etica - Declaracion de guerra - Inquebrantable
Mouthpiece - Cinder - Discography
Ruiner - Getting over and overs
Shotmaker - Selecter
Don Martin 3 - Connection - s/t
Audience of one - 350 Miles
The Saddest landscapeThe 6th golden ticket - - Lift your burdens on high…
Adolescents - House of the rising sun - Brats in battalion
Adolescents - Skate babylon - Brats in battalion
Have Heart - What counts - What counts
Miles away - Brainwashed - Rewind/Repeat
Miles away - Broken (Turning point) - Consequences
Fuse - Searching for thr Light - Demo
Another breath - Jailbreak
Vision - Close minded - Watching the world burn
Unbroken - Crushed on you
Split lip - Sleep
Go for broke - Traditions - Traditions

10 octobre 2010

En ce jour d'alignement astral numériquement prophétique, le monde ne nous est pas tombé sur la tête (bah ouais faut attendre 2012 pour ça) mais Go Ahead! a fait sa rentrée avec une équipe presque au Grand complet...


Artist – Song title

Hellburnsaway - And we witness
Against Your Society - Curbstone tales
Black Spirals - Blast of burden
GG Allin - Bite it you scum
Gorilla Biscuit - Stand still
Bureau Of The Glorious - Miss G
Araby - Bled dry
Plus Minus – Intro, Hell on earth
Terror - Keeper of the faith
Lenght Of Time - Loving your enemies
Killing The Dream - Blame the architects
Truth'n'Rights - B.O.L.O.
Rythms To The Madness - How your pain endures
Fucked Up - Police
Adolescent - I hate children
The Nailheads - Insurance policy
Jimmy Eat World - What I would say to you now
Prozac Memory - Chistle time
Hooton 3 Car - Sorry
Monickers - Real world